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Frends Classic Headphones

39.99 was(60)


* Plastic, vinyl, stainless steel, electronics
* Spot clean
* Imported

Frends is a crew of pro and bro snowboarders who are separate and unique beings, but are bonded together creating one body. It's not easy blending their love for the Earth with their goal of being the most technologically advanced headphone company on Earth - but they do what they can. That's why they take such care in packaging their headphones and ear buds in Earth-friendly materials. The Classic's square profile has a subtle sophistication that will make people wonder if you're listening to jazz fusion or the latest Lil' Wayne mix tape. Sturdy construction with a soft adjustable headband and well-padded rectangular swivel earcups with logo detailing at the sides. Unbelievably detailed and clear sound courtesy of 40mm drivers, 103 dB sensitivity, an impedance of 32 ohms and a frequency range of 20 - 20,000 Hz. Fabric-covered cord with 2mm plug included. Blackberry and iPhone compatible; mic with play/pause, next, answer/hang-up function built on the cord.

Style #:20142808 Frends Classic Headphones