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Lomokino Super 35mm Movie Maker Camera & Viewer

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* The first camera to make your photos move on 35mm film!
* Create your own movies and movie art with this crank-wound camera
* No sound, no expensive effects - just Lomo-fied movie magic
* Uses any kind of 35mm film for different effects - slide, color negative, black & white...
* Just crank the camera and capture 144 shots per film roll to turn into a 36-48 seconds of movie
* Spool the developed film into the included viewer to watch it come alive
* Note, the Kinoscope only works with slide film developed in E-6 Chemistry.
* You can also easily upload your movie online to share with friends!
* Plus, if you use negative film, you can scan your negatives to share online
* 25mm lens; f/5.5-f/11 continuous aperture; 1/100 shutter; tripod mount
* Uses 35mm film
* 9.25"w, 6.26"d, 5.25"h

Content & Care:
* Plastic
* Wipe clean
* Imported
* Includes Lomokino Super 35 Movie Maker and Lomokinoscope Super 35mm Movie Viewer

Style #:24044869 Lomokino Super 35mm Movie Maker Camera & Viewer