Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit

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(Almost) all you need to create your own beer, from the experts at Brooklyn Brew Shop. This one gallon kit makes approx 2 six-packs of beer and is completely reusable. All you need are the contents of the kit + a few household items!

Available Flavors
Jalapeno Saison: Easy-drinking beer with a crisp, spicy finish
Grapefruit Honey Ale: Light, refreshing and bright citrusy ale
Chestnut Brown Ale: Northern English-style brown ale with a rich and nutty flavor that is sweet, mellow and just a bit malty

Content + Care
- Includes: grain, hops and yeast for 1 batch, a glass fermenting jug, a screw-cap stopper, a 3-piece chambered airlock racking cane, a 12" laboratory thermometer, 4' clear vinyl tubing, a tubing clamp, cleanser + instructions
- Plastic, glass
- Wipe clean
- Made in the USA

- Width: 13"
- Depth: 8"
- Height: 11.5"

Style #:23588213 Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit