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Everything is Possible by Gallery Space

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ASSORTED Everything is Possible In 64 pages edited and published by Gallery Space, this super limited zine of scanned Polaroid shots capture everything from campgrounds and an old man's bald head, to interesting angles of everyday life, portraits and playful nudity. An eclectic collection, it showcases a selection of instant photography from artists featured in Everything is Possible: A Polaroid Group Show recently exhibited at Gallery Space inside of Space 15 Twenty in LA. The show celebrates The Impossible project - an initiative to revive instant photography - and UO's exclusive special edition Polaroid film and camera kits. Artists include: Alana Celii, Ali Bosworth, Andrew Post, Arthur Ou, Brad Troemel, Cass Bird, Charlie Engman, Dusdin Condren, Hasisi Park, Jackson Eaton, Jason Rosenberg, Jessica Williams, Kava Gorna, Leon Batchelor, Lina Scheynius, Madi Ju, Marcelo Gomes, Margaret Durow, Mark Borthwick, Michael Hemy, Mikaylah Bowman, Mordechai Rubinstein, Nicholas Gottlund, Nicole Lesser, Peter Zachary Voelker, Serge Leblon, Sylvain-Emmanuel Prieur, Vava Ribeiro, Wai Lin Tse and Ye Rin Mok. Imported. Wipe clean.
* Editor/publisher: Gallery Space
* Soft cover, 64 pages
* 6"w, 8"h
Style #:17360843 Everything is Possible by Gallery Space