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Lomography LCA+ Camera

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BLACK Emerging from the quasi-mythical Soviet Arms and Optical factory in 1982, the original LC-A (Lomo Compact Automat) was equal parts revelation and revolution. A compact, zone focused camera with on-point automatic exposure timing, the LC-A was sturdy and easy to use. But beyond that, far surpassing any and all expectations, the little camera produced unique and breathtaking images with rich color, long depth of field and natural vignetting at the corners. Because of this built-in artistry, the LC-A's popularity spread, and it became a favorite of discriminating photographers everywhere. But supplies ran short, and they became increasingly difficult to find. Thankfully, Lomo has answered the call, not only bringing back the LC-A, but also improving upon the original design and adding new features. The Lomo LC-A+ retains the zone focusing and automatic exposure timing that we all know and love. And like the original, it shares the same brilliant multicoated Minitar 1 32/2.8 lens, compact and robust metal body and flash hotshoe. On top of that, the LC-A+ now offers a Multiple Exposure switch, expanded film ISO setting to 1600, and a cable release thread. The New LC-A+ comes packaged in a wooden case with 2 rolls of 100 ISO film, a cable release, and booklets that are bursting with information. Don't think, just shoot! Imported. Wipe clean.
* Included: LC-A+ camera, 2 rolls of 100 ISO film, cable release, batteries, booklets
* 4"w, 2.5"h, 1.5"d
* Plastic and metal body, glass lens
Style #:14180053 Lomography LCA+ Camera