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Nail Fraud Nail Paper

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* Imported
* Includes: 40 Nail Fraud films, emery board, reusable pencil case holder

No more spending hours and lots of money to look great! Nail Fraud Nail Papers are the new (and improved) way to do your nails. With Nail Fraud, you won't believe how easy it is to make your nails look great. Good bye to polish, good bye to waiting for your nails to dry, good bye to smudges and
Chipping - hello to great looking Nails! Each Nail Papers kit comes with two sets of 20 nails and a Nail Fraud emery board inside a re-useable clear pencil case. No experience necessary. Just pick the right size, place on nail starting from bottom and file off excess. Made from flexible film which is waterproof.

Style #:19270156 Nail Fraud Nail Paper