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IROHA Cream Facial Mask

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* Indulge your face in luxury with these Cream Facial Masks from IROHA
* Each one is made from natural ingredients and caters to your different needs
* Each deliciously scented face mask helps to rejuvenate and nourish your skin

* .88oz

Content & Care:
* Imported

Available Scents:
* Grape Self-Heating Mask: Packed with antioxidants to brighten your skin
* Strawberry Self-Heating Mask: Revitalizes and enhances the beauty of your skin
* Lemon Peel Off Mask: Helps even your skin tone and reduce shine
* Green Tea Peel Off Mask: Cleanses and purifies the skin
* Coconut Creamy Mask: Nourishes for soft and smooth skin
* Honey Cream Mask: Increases the elasticity of the skin
* Chocolate Creamy Mask: Moisturizes and replenishes the skin
* Apricot Peeling Gel: Prepares and enhances the skin

Style #:27581990 IROHA Cream Facial Mask