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The xx - xx LP

21.98 was(21.98)


The debut album from the xx, xx conveys the intimate, unembellished quality of the band's demos, featuring tracks rooted in beats made on Jamie Smith's laptop, later mixed in the studio with engineer Rodaidh McDonald. The result is melancholic and minimalist, with 11 tracks on vinyl that are built on basslines, sparse guitars and low-key vocal duets that explore themes of love, loss, intimacy and desire. 2009, Young Turks.


1. Intro   
2. VCR   
3. Crystalised 
4. Islands   
5. Heart Skipped a Beat   
6. Fantasy (lyrics by Sim) 
7. Shelter (lyrics by Croft; music by Croft, Sim, and Smith) 
8. Basic Space   
9. Infinity   
10. Night Time   
11. Stars

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