Impossible PX600 Silver Shade UV+ Instant Film



* When Polaroid ended production of instant film, in 2008, Impossible acquired all the film production equipment in the last Polaroid factory in the Netherlands in an attempt to keep instant photography alive
* This new and improved version of Silver Shade instant film from the Impossible Project features a special UV filter
* Silver Shade film gives you a monochrome finish with improved black and white tones
* Each exposure will vary depending on light conditions and temperature - making all your photos totally unique
* Film is sensitive to light, so keep it shielded for 3 minutes (upside-down, in a pocket, etc.) while it is developing so you get super sharp black & white photos!
* Best when used in Polaroid 600 cameras
* Limited availability!

Content & Care:
* Instant film
* Wipe clean
* Imported
* Pack contains 8 exposures

Style #:23783160 Impossible PX600 Silver Shade UV+ Instant Film