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The Europe Book By Lonely Planet

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* Imported
* Author: Lonely Planet
* Publisher: Lonely Planet
* Soft cover, 256 pages
* 9"w, 11.9"h

Where else can you jump in and out of freezing water before being beaten by birch twigs, celebrate the summer solstice in a prehistoric stone circle, or choose between sweltering beaches, semi-desert, permafrost, glaciers, volcanoes, hot springs and the Arctic? Europe, of course! From Greenland's remote, frosty fjords to wild street parties in Amsterdam, The Europe Book reveals the secrets and surprises hidden throughout the vast European smorgasbord of cultures, languages, cuisines, histories, art and architecture. Find out how to be dwarfed by the Alps, find a piece of the Berlin Wall and discover why Icelanders are the happiest people in the world - firsthand!

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